Monday, June 5, 2017

Alumni Post #5 -- Two Simple Steps: Pay Attention, Do your Work!

Hello, I am a current resident middle school student!
For two years, I have traversed the halls of the middle school and I have been through everything from heartbreak to gold metals. Middle school can look like a big deal but it's really just moving from one building to another. Now, I agree middle school does have its problems like backstabbing and bad grades but look up! These are the three years of your life where you can find who you truly are. You can have a chance to find people who care about and value the same things you do!  Through trial and error I have found kind friends and caring staff. Grades -- every kid frets at one point how they are doing, and how the others in their classes are doing. Well, even though some of you have the mindset of just getting it done, other like me just saw middle school as more homework and evil teachers. Yet its not, and if you play your cards right you can have teachers loving you and grades up to peaking A’s. All you need to do is two simple steps: Pay attention and do your work. Hope you have a great year! -- Bethany H.

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