Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Middle School, answered by Middle School Alumni! **Have more questions? Send them in to iwillrockmiddleschool@gmail.com to be answered by Middle School Survival Experts!**

Q: What's the deal with this whole locker thing?? What do you use it for, how do you use it? HELP!!!

A: Lockers can be super scary. I was terrified of using one actually! How on earth was I supposed to get this thing open, get what I needed out of it, and run to class all in 5 minutes?! Well, I know it may be hard to believe, but using a locker is not as stressful as it looks. It's all about scheduling your locker trips. I had about three a day. One in the morning to put my textbooks away that I would be using later and didn't feel like carrying, one around lunch to get my lunchbox and the textbooks I'd need in the afternoon, and one at the end of the day to pick up everything from the morning. The most difficult part of using a locker in my opinion is figuring out how to use the lock and remembering your combination: the little 3 number code that you use to unlock your locker. The first issue is actually opening the lock. It's hard to explain so I included a super helpful video that shows you step-by-step. Remembering your combination can be difficult the first few days which I why I recommend writing it in your planner or in a spot where no one else will see it. That way, if you forget, you have your combination on you! If you can't get your locker open the first time, don't stress. Take a deep breath, try it again, and chances are, it'll open the second time. I hope this helps!

Q: What were your biggest fears coming into Middle School?

A: Can I say everything? That's probably too broad. Well, let's see here... The first thing was definitely the lack of people I knew. If you read my About page, you'd know why. If you haven't read it yet, check it out HERE! Anyways, that was definitely a big one for me. The other one's were probably pretty standard: changing classes, lockers, bullies, changing for gym class, homework, and all that other stuff! It was a transition but I made it, and you can too!

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