This blog was created....
My name is Devon Newton and I am a
Middle School Survivor! Weird way to put it,
I know, but that's how I felt after successfully
completing sixth grade. It was a hard year -- I
was zoned for a middle school that none of my friends were zoned for, I didn't know anyone
going there, and honestly, starting Middle School
is scary enough without all those factors. I had to forge my own way in sixth grade, and I wish that I had had some resource to guide me through it. That is the main reason why I created this blog; to provide a resource for kids who are looking for advice on how to survive this new environment. I hope these blog posts, videos, and real-life tips from Middle School Alumni will help you to ROCK Middle School! ** If you have any questions or would like to contact a survival expert for advice, email iwillrockmiddleschool@gmail.com **

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